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Site Assessors Nationwide, LLC helps buyers of commercial real estate using Phase I ESA inspections and reports to protect them from potential environmental conditions. Our building inspections include PCR reports also to help understand the cost related to the building systems and finishes over a 7-10 year term. We also help commercial lenders with single and portfolio work in all 50 states. 

Our client types include real estate investors, architects, corporations, agency lenders, facility owners, brokers, developers, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and more!  

We can help you verify the condition of the properties and the environmental portion in one single visit.

Efficient. Consistent. Client-Ready.

Over 30 years of experience in environmental consulting and building condition inspections.

Experience with commercial buildings, light industrial, factories, retail, multi-family, mobile home parks, and undeveloped lands. 

Reduce risks and costs when transacting businesses for commercial entities.

A fully trained team that understands what your business needs and its technical requirements. 


Save time, energy, and costs by offering our two leading reports in the industry (PCR and ESA), making them client-ready, consistent and efficient. 

Individual project managers who work closely with each assignment.


Consistent dual reports that are detail-oriented, and meet deadlines.


We use the standard Report writing software


Our goal is to grow with the industry and that includes technology. Aerial drone footage is the next stage of inspection services and Site Assessors Nationwide, LLC is training our assessors to be efficient and licensed in the commercial drone inspection industry.

  • Roofing 

  • High-rise façade 

  • Aerial inspections

  • Farming and crops

  • Power towers

  • Cell Towers

  • Undeveloped land

Drone inspections

Due Diligence reports in:

North Carolina

South Carolina



West Virginia

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