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Infrared Imaging


Thermal imaging also referred to as infrared scanning and thermography, is used by many energy auditors. It is a technology that allows commercial building and property inspectors to show clients things about a building that no one can show using other inspection methods.


Moisture Inspections

Thermography can help detect water damage and mold inspections, as moisture can be present in inaccessible areas or hard-to-see places. An infrared camera can detect moisture within wall cavities, roofs, or ceiling areas; leaky pipes in floor systems; moisture development between the roof membrane and decking; as well as water intrusion around windows and doors. Infrared scanning can also identify moisture in walls that are below grade, indicating that the perimeter waterproofing system has failed.

Energy Efficiency

Infrared imaging can identify points of excess air infiltration or failing insulation. It can also detect if electrical systems are overheating. 


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