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Drone Services

Drone over a River
Image by david henrichs

Essentially, a drone is a flying robot that can be remotely controlled and can capture footage from unreachable areas such as rooftops, aerials, Facades, and more! Under FAA CFR 14 part 107, only certified unmanned pilots can perform commercial drone inspections.


Aerial Photography

Imagery and video footage taken from the air. Often used for:

- Real Estate Property

- Facade inspections

- Insurance & Utilities

- Solar PV Inspection

- Media & Marketing

- Commercial Real Estate

- Public Safety & Security

- Transportation & Railroad

- Roof Inspections

- Precision Agriculture

- Cinematography

Property Condition (PCA)

During a Property Condition Assessment, we can provide footage from inaccessible areas. 

Infrared Imaging

Infrared (IR) imaging technology is used to measure the temperature of an object. All objects emit electromagnetic radiation, primarily in the IR wavelength, which cannot be seen by the naked eye. Often used for:

- Detecting moisture in a building

- Cracked foundation 

Phase 1 Environmental Assessments (ESA)

Footage during Environmental Site Assessments for inaccessible areas. 

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