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Limited Environmental Services

 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments are clearly the standard for environmental due diligence, however many lenders have come to rely on limited products as business decision tools. Our limited assessments are often used for low risk assets or cost-efficient transactions. Site Assessors Nationwide offers a wide variety of services that will help our clients achieve their goals and understand the potential environmental risk a property could have. 

Environmental Transaction Screen

Environmental Transaction Screens (ETS) are the most widely accepted limited services and are typically done to meet the requirements of ASTM 1528-06 Standard Practice for Limited Environmental Due Diligence: Transaction Screen Process.

This service includes:

  • Site Visit

  • Photographs of the subject property

  • Historical review of one map 

  • Regulatory database review

  • Non-Scope Considerations

  • Findings and Identification of potential Environmental Concerns.

Environmental Historical Report

Environmental Historical Report accesses many of the same historical resources as a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and it provides information about the subject property, which can determine if a low-risk or a potential Environmental Concern.

  • Historical Review of maps

  • Regulatory database review

  • Findings and Identification of Potential Environmental Concerns.


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